Saturday, December 31, 2011

so long, farewell II

in 2011,

- I started school again. Finally. University.

- Exposed to a lot of wonderful people who are unique and different.

- Had a great OG in UB.

- Found great university friends like Ces, Yilin, Tim, Inez, Kelvin, Jiaying.

- Found someone special. 

- Loving my time with my jc clique; the year of all the 21st birthday parties!

- Despite army, overseas attachment and school, i'm still meeting up with Gordon&co and they never make me feel awkward.

- I turned 21.

- Stayed at MBS and loving it.

- Had the most expensive meal in my entire life. (Best steak ever I swear)

- Taught tuition

- Acknowledged that my pms is a problem and not something to be brushed off.

- Lost passion.

- Lost someone special. Appreciate and treasure what I have right now. 

- Opened my mind to more and new things which I'm getting to know more about.

In 2012, i hope:

- GPA continue soaring higher.

- Go Korea for summer school!

- earn/save more moolahs.

- to be blessed with good health, wealth, love, good grades.

Thank you everybody who made my 2011 a wonderful year. There's lots of ups and downs but 2011 is by far the best year ever! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas!

Okay. It's 32min late.

Havent been blogging because I just dint want to be all emo here.

Christmas this year is different.
I feel awesomely blessed.
Ample family time.

Not a Christian,
but God is good!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Opus 35.2. Finally a decent concert I should say. The repertoire's pretty okay and not like the usual heavy pieces. My favourite piece gotta be Lion King. Hahaha. We had a pretty full auditorium and ticket sales was gooooddd.

Reached early to load instruments and to settle stuff before going to auditorium to do ticketing stuff. Soundcheck for a while before leaving to do ticketing stuff again.

michelle & weijie!

and then it was showtime.

Skipped the first 2 songs due to ticketing stuff and I missed the 2 nice songs. Haha. Tim thought Michelle was me. -.- 

Went out to look for Tim and Kelvin during the intermission :D :D

hahahaha. This is hilarious. I was wearing heels and tiptoe-ing but nowhere as tall as the guys.

Monday, September 5, 2011

After the first week

John Danbur Theme from Dances With Wolves. Awesome track. So full of emotions. Loved this part. I hope the this song will be perfect during our concert :D It will be a real pity if it's messed up. My favourite part!

School's been fine. COM217 cancelled until further notice due to the lecturer being unable to come down from NY thanks to Hurricane Irene. I hope it will not be delayed for too long. I dont want to rush through my syllabus or have lots of make up classes! SOC294 is lke H2 math all over again. Just that I cant use GC this time round. COM231 is interesting. Persuasion. Watched an episode of Criminal Minds today for class and it was awesome. Not only that, we watched for 50 min and had a 25min lecture and that's it. I guess it's the kinda lesson where you dont need intensive notes-reading but more of understanding..? I dont really know how to explain. Haha!

Still dont like the fact that our schedules are so screwed that there's barely time to meet b. Wanna catch Stupid, Crazy, Love with b but I have no idea when. Oh well. Since our schedules do not work out, we'll have to work things out. It may be a little difficult but I believe we can work some time for some us-time (:

John Danbur theme on repeat makes me wanna cry already :'(

Thursday, September 1, 2011



1st week of school almost done. SOC294 is pretty much stats and stats and graphs and charts and whatever rubbish. MOST BORING MOD OF THE MOD. Nothing much for the first week actually.

Exciting month for band. Outdoor performance with the youth band, and yet another OPUS (35.2!) with the main band. I hope everything goes smoothly. Theresa Teng fever with the youths now. Haha. She's just so awesome please. Oldies ftw!

One of the pieces we'll be playing for the TT Medley :D

my favourite line: 如果沒有遇見你 我將會是在哪裡..


Opus 35.2. I hope it wont be as bad as Opus 35.1. Horrible. At least these pieces are pieces that people actually heard of and not the usual Prof Ho's stuff. Really hope ticket sales wont be that bad. LOL. Pretty much given up asking my mum. For the past 987697 concerts (okay, not that many; but quite a number), all she said was no time no time no time. Yeah. It's just 2 hours. And nope, she cant spare 2 hours. I just want to show her what I've been doing, show her why I enjoy band so much, to prove to her band is not something useless. The ex cant be bothered as well. Oh well, he did, like when he was my ex for the 3rd year. Haha. Neverminddddd. At least b's coming. At least there's someone I can look forward to finding when I'm on the stage.

Meh. I'm pretty down now and I have no idea why. Okay byebye.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

holidays and meetups

So my summer break is ending =( oh man. We should totally have a summer break instead of a summer sem. MY HOLIDAYS ARE TOO SHORT! This holiday has been quite a quiet one. It's mostly catching up on lost sleep and some random meetups! Results are all out and I'm glad that my summer results helped pull up my CGPA for quite a bit. Spring's GPA was horrible no thanks to the 5 heavy mods. But still, not very satisfied with it due to ESL and COM (damn just 1 more mark to an A) Good thing is. NO MORE ESL EVER! 3 COM mods and 1 SOC mod next sem. Hopefully it'll be a relatively normal sem. =/

So while Tim's not in Singapore, I had some time for myself and friends as well. 1st free Saturday was spent with Fiona and Upekha at Upekha's place for some Sri Lankan cuisine! Upekha's back in US and it was sorta a 2nd meetup before she flew off. Since she was flying on the Wednesday after, her younger sister celebrated her birthday early so the whole family can celebrate it together and both sisters invited a few friends over. Sri Lankan food is really really nice :D I still remember when Upekha brought some food to school during our JC days and I loved the beef that her mom cooked :D Got to have it again! Chit-chatted a while before my parents came over to fetch me. Guess it will be next summer before the 3 of us meetup again.

Sunday was awesome because of Voca People! Have been waiting for them to come to Singapore ever since I came across their videos in Youtube 2 years back and finally! We had awesome seats. 2nd row, centre part :D Best part: I got "invited" up by Tubas! Hahahaha. They each had to pick someone from the audience to help them and I got picked by Tubas, the tallest and biggest-sized guy.

As shown in the photo, with me standing straight and arms straight up, I'm the perfect height to be his mic-stand. LOLOL. He kinda reminded me of b there and then. Hahaha. As the others went back to their seats, he brought me up to the stage. Damn embarrassing can! Esp with JinXing, Lina, SuJin, Emily, David, Guan Han and Lawrence in the audience -.- So his wife came up and he stood in front of me. Weijie commented "You totally disappeared" -.- His wife found me and chased me off. HAHA. And she gave me the "I'm watching you" handsign. Overall, the concert was awesome! The experience of being part of their audience interaction made the entire concert more special :D Totally made my day.

Week 1 of my holidays were spent sleeping, watching dramas (rewatching HIMYM and watching FRESH PRINCE!) and exercising. Although I'm still a little bit lazy when I think of running, I feel very very guilty if I did not run =/ (Today is a perfect example)

Met up with Jia Ying on Wednesday! It's been horribly long since the last time we actually have the time to talk.

Horrible Bosses! Jennifer Aniston is HOTTTT. Haha. It was hilarious and good for laughs.

Had dinner before that! Went to try Raindrops Cafe at Scape and it was not bad!

Appetizers: Portobello with baked chicken (I think!)

Mine: Seafood (something)

Hers: Some cabonara with bacon bits ( I cant remember the exact name)

Happy Jia Ying! Food's not bad. It's a quaint little cafe and perfect for a meal and a chat.

Went window shopping after that and do what girls do best!

Love this headband but I dont really know how to wear it properly. I look like a rabbit!

Really love the flower. But too big to wear it out!

Since we had appetizer and a main course, dessert is lacking so we went to Starbucks after the movie :D

Great meetup!! :D :D :D

Worked at RWS for some event from Monday till tomorrow this week. Finally it's gonna be over. So happened that my senior from FHSS and JJC was working too. Under the same company as well. Haha. It's boring, nothing to do. Basically I was paid to stand and smile :)

Met Siewyi to have an awesome lunch at Ikea!

Great to have a girly time and a goooood chat! Finally get to meet up with her :D :D

Meetup with Inez tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SOC293 Finals tomorrow. Finals doesnt really make a difference because it's 25%, same as the previous 2 papers. But somehow I get the back-to-alevels feelings which totally sucks. It makes me feel lousy. I used to be the last, or if i'm lucky, last few in class. Going to exam is like giving the physics teacher another chance to suan me. The thing is I am prepared for the paper, but I feel like there's nothing in my brain at all =(

With our prof "I CANT TALK OVER YOU" Adelman who's funny in his own way.

ESL is tomorrow as well. Problem-Solution essay which I really have no idea how to write. All I can do is, hope for the best tomorrow. LOL.

I should be studying. But.. I'm here.