Saturday, December 31, 2011

so long, farewell II

in 2011,

- I started school again. Finally. University.

- Exposed to a lot of wonderful people who are unique and different.

- Had a great OG in UB.

- Found great university friends like Ces, Yilin, Tim, Inez, Kelvin, Jiaying.

- Found someone special. 

- Loving my time with my jc clique; the year of all the 21st birthday parties!

- Despite army, overseas attachment and school, i'm still meeting up with Gordon&co and they never make me feel awkward.

- I turned 21.

- Stayed at MBS and loving it.

- Had the most expensive meal in my entire life. (Best steak ever I swear)

- Taught tuition

- Acknowledged that my pms is a problem and not something to be brushed off.

- Lost passion.

- Lost someone special. Appreciate and treasure what I have right now. 

- Opened my mind to more and new things which I'm getting to know more about.

In 2012, i hope:

- GPA continue soaring higher.

- Go Korea for summer school!

- earn/save more moolahs.

- to be blessed with good health, wealth, love, good grades.

Thank you everybody who made my 2011 a wonderful year. There's lots of ups and downs but 2011 is by far the best year ever! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas!

Okay. It's 32min late.

Havent been blogging because I just dint want to be all emo here.

Christmas this year is different.
I feel awesomely blessed.
Ample family time.

Not a Christian,
but God is good!