Sunday, April 28, 2013


Finally got to meet the boy after a week of mugging and exams. Not seeing the boy for 7 days is really longgggggg. Cant believe that due to all the band stuff that was happening at the point of time, I suggested meeting only once a week when we first got together. I am really out of my mind. Really crazy.

Went to 49seats for dinner and sadly, no photos because we were too hungryyyyyy. Place was quite small and when I counted, there were 50 seats instead of 49! Hahaha. Had their must-try Tom Yum Pasta and he had smoked-duck pasta. Tomyum is really yumyumzx. I'm not a tomyum lover but that got me hooked. The brownie dessert was alright, just that it was smaller than I've expected and that I could make do without the huge chunk of cream on top. It was good that their prices are affordable and it's all nett price!

Walked down to Clark Quay since we had nothing to do. Sat by the riverside like some hipsters and chatted. It was really nice to just spend time together talking like this. Everyday I'm learning something new about this wonderful boy. Cant help but notice that he looked so tired. Seems like all the mugging and exam stress is putting a toll on him.

Really cant wait for his exams to end, our BKK trip and to more time together!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring's out, Summer's in

And.... it's holidays!

Not much of a holiday feel since the boy's exams are coming and so is, like the rest of the world. Okay, UOL people. Shall make use of this 24 days to rejuvenate myself for Summer.

Spring means that NO MORE UGC (please please let me pass 111 so I dont have to retake that damn mod), an end to public speaking and to many people from BAC/6 Spring 2011 graduating. =( It's gonna be so different from Summer onwards. Lesson learnt from Spring: never ever take 2 UGCs in a sem cos you're simply just committing suicide in GPA terms.

Last few weeks of Spring was rushing through our 326 group presentation and it took the bulk of my time. Glad that it went well overall. Just waiting for our final results to be out. Hopefully I'll get an A, and this will be the only A for this semester.

Looks like some promo photos for a band. Hahahaha.


The end of Spring brings goodbyes.

And so.. it was the end of school life for 2 of my very good friends in UB.

Darren! The meowmeow whom I could talk to about anything and everything. The meowmeow who helped me in my school work be it choosing of mods, timetable-setting, outline of speeches, etc. The meowmeow who gave advice, brings a smile to my face with all his lame and stupid jokes.

Sailesh! The terrorist who brought reddit/pets into my world, spammed cats photos, showed me benben and o'cha, brought me to Love Kuching's forever alone party and got me to love Lenny, gave me advice on mods etc.

I'm sure it's not goodbye, it's just 'see you later' (:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rants of a graduating student

So it's the tri-semesterly (is there even such a term?) add/drop again and got almost everything! Except for sexual health comms and my backup mod, intercultural comms. Regretted deleting COM205 from the shopping cart yesterday. WHY DID I EVEN DO THAT?!

But still so angst that sexual health comms, a module that was usually assigned to graduating students, was given to the Fall'2012 batch instead. That makes Summer their third sem only and such a popular module is given to them?! Sorry, but they have at least another Summer to go. So why them?! Still, the fighting spirit is still strong.

Recently, the keyboard's G and H button decided to die on me (again..) and it's so difficult to even have a proper conversation online! 2 shift buttons gone and now, another 2 letters?! So angst. Gonna send it for repair right after exams. Regretted not getting a Mac when I got this stupid thing. No love for my laptop right now. Screwing up here and there and everywhere. If chatting online is already so difficult, composing an essay is even worse. Imagine all the G and H disappearing from this paragraph here. It's so unreadable.

So. 4 hours before UB HUB opens again. Get 326 work done and resume camping again.

Till then!