Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Cat Cafe @ Bugis Village!

It's been a really long time since I've last blogged. The lazy bug has gotten into me and I kept procrastinating but I know I can no longer do that. Today, I'm gonna talk about something which I LOVE. For those who hate cats, please read other entries instead. :D

#Didyouknow: The 2nd Cat Cafe in Singapore is opened! Yup, The Cat Cafe has finally opened their doors to us! I've known about this from a friend (I think) and they were doing their Indiegogo fundraising so I bought my early bird ticket through Indiegogo. I bought USD7 and USD9 fundraising ticket which eventually is still cheaper than the normal pricing of SGD15. Eagerly anticipating their opening, not too much for A. Heh. He doesn't like animals.

Made reservation for the opening day, 22 June, at 1pm. The Cat Cafe is located at a place everyone should know - Bugis Village! They are located right above Burger King. Follow the signs and you'll get there!

(Real excitement or fake, I'll leave it up to you)

Our tickets includes 1 free drink. I got a latte with a top-up of $3.

Compared to Neko No Niwa, it's much bigger and roomier for both cats and hoomins.

The staff cleaned the tables for us and our drinks came shortly after. One of the staff gave us some toys and explained to us which cats prefer which toys and how each cat is like. I find that very informative and helpful and kudos to the staff (Didnt' manage to catch her name!) for her proactive-ness!

Pudding and Butter! (Back and front respectively) Butter loves to stay in this house of his and he rarely gets out of it.

 That's Elly for you!

The only ginger in the house - Genny!

Genny likes me :D Yes I wore that shirt on purpose :D

Butter loving his box.

I call him Carpet, but he's just Tuxedo.

A's attempt to sayang Tuxedo. He couldn't bring himself to touch a cat for a while. But eventually, he did and I was overjoyed! For some of us, it's no big deal but to him, it's a huge deal.

This is Patches. Apparently he/she is anti-social to other cats but good with hoomin.

That's Kelly up there.

For $3, you can buy some cat treats and feed the cats. If you want all the cat's attention, do this! All the cats will flock to you for some food. Business-wise, it's a good idea. But for other patrons, we have no choice but to sit there while most cats are crowding around the feeder. There were like 3-4 feeders at one go and I was very mehhhh. You'll be lucky if one or two cats are unfazed by the whole commotion.

That's Kelly again.

Hello Missy. She's got this super bo-chap look.

I think this is Butter. He was really curious when he saw my camera and walked towards it. This was when I just snapped it when he was sniffing around. So glad this shot turns out great!

This guy really. I am so so proud. Before this, he does not touch any animals, not even my pet terrapin. But he did it. He sayang-ed the cats and the picture above, I caught him sayang-ing mini Carpet (name given by yours truly).

All the curious cats.

Fruitcake happily walked over to our seat, plopped himself in and fall asleep right there and then. We had to share a seat cos I didn't wanna wake this sleepeh cat up. Hahaha.

Butter's paw!

The cats are simply too cute and adorable! 

Comparing The Cat Cafe to Neko No Niwa, I would definitely prefer The Cat Cafe. Reason being, the cats are much more friendlier and more approachable. Some love to crawl onto our laps, some love to rub themselves against us. Another reason is the fee. The Cat Cafe charges a per entry fee of $15 which includes one free drink. Neko No Niwa charges hourly fee of $12 and $5 for the subsequent half hour.

I stayed at The Cat Cafe for 3 hours plus. It was a joy to be surrounded by so many cats. You can bring kids above 6 years old to TCC however those below 12 years old must be supervised by an adult. However, I don't really like it when kids are there. At least when I was there, the kids were waking and disturbing sleeping cats. Even though it's the rules, it's obvious that that rule is not enforced strictly. A and I were discussing about that and he mentioned that if we think about it from the business point of view, people pay to come and play with cats so they would not enforce that rule so strictly. I don't know about that but I hope in time to come, these cats will not be disturbed when they are sleeping!

I'll definitely go back again for those kitties hehehehe.

The Cat Cafe
241B Victoria Street
Level 3
Tel: 63386815
Email: info@thecatcafe.sg

Operating hours
Monday: 3pm - 10pm
Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 10pm


  1. Hi Ivy,

    I stumbled upon your blog while doing a Google search on cat cafes in Singapore and would just want to say thank you for sharing your experience. I tried looking for another post since it seemed like you visited Neko No Niwa but I could not find it. If you don't mind, can you share your experience there as well?


    1. Hi Nicky,

      Thank you for your comment! I hope you find my review useful. I did not blog about Neko No Niwa as I was kinda on a hiatus back then and now looking through, I just realized I did not take a lot of photos (mostly cats heh)

      Neko No Niwa is located at Boat Quay which is easily accessible by foot from Raffles Place MRT. As mentioned above, they charge hourly fee of $12 and $5 for subsequent 30 min. The place is slightly smaller (you can probably find lots of pictures online) and it can be quite cramped especially when there are a lot of visitors.

      We're given a slip of paper which states the time you come in and a booklet which consist of the cats' information are given (I like this, I hope The Cat Cafe will do something similar too) The cats aren't as approachable as the ones in The Cat Cafe but they are really adorable too.

      I left after an hour because I didn't wanna get charged for another $5. I'm not sure how or whether they implement it though. If you want to stay longer to chill and have fun with your friends and cats, I suppose The Cat Cafe would be more value-for-money.

      I hope this helps!