Saturday, March 21, 2015

Insta Cards!

With the Gushcloud saga recently, should I put a disclaimer to state that this is a non-sponsored post? Lol.

Anyway, I came across this Groupon deal which I wanna share! I was scrolling through Groupon for good deals when I came across this deal by Photobook Singapore.

The deal is still available HERE.

$6.99 for a set of insta cards. Seems reasonable. Then I realized shipping is not included. Heck that. I gave it a chance and bought the deal on an impulse. If anything, I’m just gonna lose $6.99.

It was rather easy ‘designing’ the photos you want to print. There’s a choice of different templates, background designs, stickers and what not. The down side is that you cannot change the orientation of the photos in their editor. So for myself, I chose petite portrait template. For my photos in landscape, I have to rotate them manually before I upload them into the editor. A bit troublesome back there but it all got sorted out easily.

It cost $4 for the cheapest shipping but it was sent via DHL so no complaints! Even though they have Photobook Singapore website, they do not have an office here, so the printing was actually done in Malaysia, which is the nearest to SG.

It took 12 days for the pack to get to me and they’re really pretty!
I wasn’t expecting much from a groupon deal but it’s so nicely done that I wanna go for the canvas next =X
Now I just gotta think of how I can re-decorate my barren wall to accommodate all these photos and polaroids!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Brunch @ The Coastal Settlement!

"I wanna go to a cafe," said A. 
"What...? Sure, ok, no problem let's go," I replied.

For A to suggest going to a cafe is a very rare occurrence. I should have bought 4D or something. 

We were in the East and since The Coastal Settlement was a place we both always wanted to explore, there were no arguments on where to go. 

There was a small carpark within the compound which was full so we went to a public carpark further down which was full as well. Cars were parked along the road already. We parked at a 'waiting area' of a rundown building, no idea what the building is though!

The Coastal SettlementThe Coastal SettlementThe Coastal Settlement
I was quite surprised at the size of the cafe. In my mind, I expected it to be small and cozy. It was a hot day so we requested for an indoor seat. The only seats left were at their communal table so we said yes.
The Coastal Settlement
Forgot to take the other side of the menu! =X

My flat white came rather quickly, just that there wasn't any latte art on it.
The Coastal Settlement
My Settlement's Big Breakfast. It was nice, and the scrambled eggs were really yummy. A pity the mushrooms were cold when it reached. Interesting jam. It was a mixture of butter and something which I could not make out.
The Coastal Settlement
His Chicken and Waffle. This was classified under starters but it's big enough to be a proper meal for A, who eats A LOT. Chicken is rather normal, slightly salty. Waffle is crispy!
The Coastal Settlement
I really like the decorations though! Very old school, vintage :)
The Coastal Settlement
The Coastal Settlement
The Coastal SettlementThe Coastal Settlement
The Coastal Settlement
I want a Vespa! Tiffany blue please :D
The Coastal Settlement
Remembered that there is this Changi Boardwalk nearby so decided to explore the area since we were there already. We missed the sign pointing towards the boardwalk and walked rather long before going back to the car. On the way back, we saw the sign and felt stupid. Lol.
Changi Boardwalk
We were obviously not dressed for the occasion and it was bloody hot (It was about 2+pm at that time) so we stayed for a while. The whole boardwalk is about 1.6km and it will lead you to Changi Village from Changi Sailing Club.
Changi Boardwalk
Changi Boardwalk
Changi Boardwalk
That's Tekong!

We'll definitely be back for the boardwalk :D

The Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road, Singapore 508529
+65 6475 0200
Tuesday - Sunday: 10.30am - 12 midnight
TCS will open on Mondays if it is a public holiday/eve of PH.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


more days to Korea!

Dug out all my clothes for the colder weather but packing is currently still pretty much non-existent. I should really start packing soon!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Restaurant Week 2015: Salt Grill & Sky Bar

The bi-annual Restaurant Week is here again! This time round, we had a priority booking code thanks to the Imagine card! I was anxiously waiting for 12 midnight so I could book it asap. Gotta be fast ya know. For the past few times, I've been using the Facebook code which was available to public so that's not exactly very exclusive. The reservation was opened 4 days earlier for Amex card holders so yay!

The annoying part was the newsletter gave a code but there was nowhere I could key the code in! I accidentally clicked on the newsletter which brought me to the 'special' page to key in the code and I was like -_________- They didn't say we have to click through the newsletter! 

Anyway, after hearing so many good reviews about Salt Grill & Sky Bar, it was definitely our choice! 

March is a very happening month for us, with at least an event every weekend, so 14/15 March was our only available date for Restaurant Week. Thankfully I managed to get a slot for their first seating on 14 March. 

This was the first time going beyond level 4 of Ion. I didn't know about Ion Sky until The Smart Local blogged about it. To get to Salt Grill, go to the concierge desk at level 4. Salt Grill has their staff stationed there for reservations. The staff showed us the way to the lift and oh my, there was actually a queue to go up. Since we were guests, we moved all the way to the front!

Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Thought 6pm would be a perfect timing because we would be able to catch the sunset at level 55, but alas, we did not get a window seat. Besides, huge gloomy clouds were fast approaching.

Restaurant Week's menu!
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
We ordered some cocktails and truffle mash to go with our dish. More on that later!
Salt Grill & Sky BarThe waiter came to help us with our napkins and bread were served shortly after.
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Our view! Okay, it looked pretty bright in the restaurant but it wasn't. I just set my white balance to get an accurate colour of how it would be in a proper lighting. The restaurant setting is rather dim to the extent that green looked like black. It sucks that there was a storm brewing which made everything dark and gloomy x10000.
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Shortly after we took this selfie, a waiter came and volunteered to help us take a photo. Very attentive :)
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
We didn't have to wait long for our entrees to be served.
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
My salmon sashimi with nam jim dressing, cucumber and shallot. I like how the salmon sashimi were finely sliced and all the pieces were rather even. It was refreshing because it was a fusion of Thai and Japanese. This was definitely a first for me.
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
 His Sydney crab omelette with enoki mushroom and herb salad, miso mustard broth. It was very tasty, not very salty. The crab meat was succulent.
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
 Before the storm..
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
Foreground: City of Love
Background: Aperol Spritzer
I love how sweet City of Love is, and the mini umbrella! It's been ages since I last played with one. I don't think I can remember when was the last time I have actually seen one around. Unlike some other places which has non-existent alcohol in their cocktails, Salt's cocktails are actually quite powerful!
Salt Grill & Sky Bar

Salt Grill & Sky Bar
His Barramundi, petit pois a la francaise. The peas were wow. Like, I've never eaten such delicious peas before. Lol. I'm not exaggerating. The barramundi had a firm texture. Not too hard, not too soft. It was just right. I only had a bite hence, not much comments. A did enjoy his fish though!
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
My grilled tara valley tenderloin, braised fennel, parsley puree, bordelaise sauce. That blob at the back is truffle mash. The tenderloin was done to my liking - medium rare. The waiter recommended cider mustard. I am not a fan of mustard but cider mustard was a delightful addition to the tenderloin. Braised fennel was rather interesting! Feels like cabbage to me =X I'm not a parsley lover so after a small taste of the puree, I left it there. It's green, but under the dark lighting, it looked like a black blob when I was having the meal. Truffle mash is smooth, fluffy and creamy with no lumps at all. Combine it with truffle and it's heaven. Really. Pffft what's truffle fries? GIVE ME ALL THE TRUFFLE MASH!

Our last course: dessert!
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
My mocha brulee, white chocolate ice cream, coffee meringue and oreo crumbs. I polished the entire plate. You can never go wrong with choclate and coffee.
Salt Grill & Sky Bar
His yuzu panna cotta, mandarin segments, ginger beer sorbet. We both did not really like this dish. I hate giner so sorbet was definitely a no-go for me. The yuzu panna cotta was really sour. Then again, it's yuzu, what are we expecting?

Our tea came shortly after they cleared our empty plates. We just sat there, chatted and enjoyed the ambience. It wasn't very crowded which surprised me. Maybe that's why we were not 'chased' out even though it was past our time slot. (The first seating had a two hour allocation.)

It was a really pleasant dinner at Salt Grill & Sky Bar.The food was good, the view too. (Okay, I suppose the view would be way better if it wasn't raining) The service is impeccable. Every now and then, the staff would come and check in on us to see if the food was okay. Not only that, they remembered my name and would address me on a first-name basis. Good service start from remembering and addressing diners by name.

Given that it's Restaurant Week, I did not expect such wonderful service. I mean, some places will treat you like second class citizens just because you're paying a cheaper rate compared to a non-Restaurant Week diner. You can really see a stark contrast of service between the two groups of diners. Well, definitely not here at Salt Grill.

We'll definitely go back to Salt for a meal on a special occasion or something! :)

Salt Grill & Sky Bar
2 Orchard Turn, Ion Orchard
#55-01 Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 6592 5118

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Will UB my valentine?

This year's Valentine's Day was a simple affair for us. A had to be a chauffeur for his mom the entire day so we shifted our celebration to Sunday instead!

Spent my Saturday in the kitchen preparing sushi for our Sundate and making some CNY snacks :D

Seaweed crackers recipe here.

Honey cornflakes cup recipe here.

So I was multi-tasking between making CNY snacks and some sushi for our activity on Sunday.

That took up the whole Saturday afternoon already!

A came in the evening and he got me..

For our first year, he didn't give me any flowers. He gave me 1 during our second year and he said that he's gonna +1 every year. The only time I'll get a bouquet is on our wedding day rofl.

Instead of a romantic Valentine's Day celebration, we decided to do something different. Why not go back to our unofficial first date - hiking! We took a 10km hike from MacRitchie Reservoir to the Tree Top Walk and back to MRR. It was indeed tedious and tiring for us cos it's been so long since we last exercised =X 

Didn't take a lot of photos because we just walked and walked and chatted. There were quite a number of visitors on a Sunday afternoon as well! If you're lazy but still wanna get to the Tree Top Walk, park at Venus carpark (near SICC) instead of MacRitchie. That will be about 2.4km one way, so 4.8km in total, instead of 10km.

Took a few shots on the bridge! It was rather shaky due to the number of visitors on the bridge. Used iPhone self-timer which is why we got a burst of 10 photos. Made them into gifs. I realized I'm the boring one in the photos. 

The 10km hike took about 3hours in total. We went back immediately and it felt so good standing under the shower, feeling the water fall down on me.

That was how we spent our Valentine's Day this year! Let's see what next year brings :D